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Album · CD & DL · 2020

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Album · CD & DL · 2016

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A Lullaby Hum For Tired Streets

Album · LP, CD & DL · 2011

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Reservoir 13 (Music for the Novel by Jon McGregor)

EP · DL · 2018

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Garfunklr 2023

My year in reading.

01st Jan 2024

Garfunklr 2022

My 2022 in reading.

03rd Jan 2023

Abbey Road Masters: Acoustic Underscores

UMG's Abbey Road Masters series presents Acoustic Underscores, an inspiring mix of optimistic acoustic tracks.

07th Aug 2022

Abbey Road Masters: Intimate Score

Delicate and reflective contemporary classical pieces performed by London Contemporary Orchestra in Abbey Road, Studio 2.

20th Apr 2022

Polaroid Soundtracks #1: Brocken Signal

An old camera, some black and white film, strange structures of rural Derbyshire and some spontaneous sound sketches inspired by them.

31st Mar 2022

What Is Garfunklr?

What do you get when you combine Art Garfunkel with OG photo-sharing service Flickr? Garfunklr. But why?

02nd Jan 2022

Garfunklr 2021

My year in reading.

01st Jan 2022

Paul Kenny: Seaworks show in Southport

Short film with soundtrack, part of Paul Kenny's solo gallery show 'Seaworks'

22nd Jun 2021

Ed Scissor + Lamplighter – Been A Minute

Piano co-write with Lamplighter becomes new single with Ed Scissor on High Focus Records + stunning video.

05th Jun 2021

Crash of Rhinos’ ‘Distal’ 10th Anniversary Reissue

Long out of print debut album from my band Crash of Rhinos is back on coloured vinyl for its tenth anniversary.

01st Apr 2021

The Little Explorer Vinyl Reissue

Limited Edition double-vinyl reissue of the two albums by my first proper band.

11th Feb 2021

Rolo Tomassi + Haiku Salut Remixes

matterlightblooming tracks get remix treatment from cinematic hardcore band Rolo Tomassi and wonder-trio Haiku Salut.

06th Feb 2021



A Lullaby Hum For Tired Streets

Reservoir 13 (Music for the Novel by Jon McGregor)

matterlightblooming [Orchestral Versions]

The Last Outpost of Empire

Songs for Spoken Words

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