Album · CD & DL · 2016

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A record about the wonder of the human body, the way we break down communication to electrical impulses so that we can (seemingly) truly connect, scary physics, beautiful physics, sensations beyond physical sensations, ascension, looking for the singularity in the past, lying in a burned out basement with the full moon in your eyes, lost worlds and small miracles.

“Its discretion tantalisingly leaves you wanting more. A small miracle it most certainly is”

Drowned in Sound

“Instant-classic in feeling: an essential, beautiful, alive, thrilling record.”

Norman Records

“Like so many of the best things about Vigils itself, it’s this humbleness and muted brilliance that make it so satisfying.”

The Quietus

“Magnificent, dazzling and emotionally involving."

The Arts Desk


Written and performed by Richard J. Birkin, ISKRA Strings and Derventio Quartet
Mixed by Maurizio Borgna
Mastered by Joe Caithness Mastering
Artwork by Aaron Bradbury

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