Paul Kenny: Seaworks show in Southport


June 22, 2021

Short film with soundtrack, part of Paul Kenny's solo gallery show 'Seaworks'

Live at Be Kinder, Edale


June 10, 2019

Yesterday Jon McGregor and I played in the Jarvis Cocker and Jeremy Deller curated Be Kinder tent at Edale Village Fair. Edale is one of my favourite spots on planet earth, so to play there was super nice…especially with Jarvis and Jeremy pottering around and DJ-ing full-length Neil Young & Crazy Horse wig-outs through the […]

Reservoir 13 LIVE @ Greenbelt Festival


August 23, 2018

The final live band show of the Reservoir 13 book reading tour.

Vigil I – Live


December 2, 2016

Video of a live studio performance of a track from Richard' acclaimed album 'Vigils'

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