Developing a platform for a growing community of composers sharing sample instruments.

Pianobook is a community website for composers sharing free sample instruments. Created by Spitfire Audio co-founder Christian Henson, the community expanded rapidly in its first year, quickly outgrowing the Squarespace site it had been using.

Data Model

With over 200 Sample Instrument submissions from the community, the site needed a way of storing and categorising each instrument for a) consistent display in front-end templates and b) ease of filtering and searching for front-end users.

I also setup a new ‘cart’ user journey so that Pianobook admins could see which downloads were the most popular – a stat that had previously been unavailable.

The cart model also gives users a better experience as they can collect the instruments they want and download all in one go, as well as have their choices stored in their account in case they need to download again in the future.


I built the site in WordPress since that could provide cost effective and well-made plugins for the required features i.e, downloads, reviews, forum, blog, submissions forms.

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