Oyster data-powered online game encouraging better commuting

London’s first Oyster card powered travel game. Every swipe earned players points, every station could be captured, and every journey took on a new meaning in this revolutionary game. Developed by Mudlark with support from Channel 4 and Screen West Midlands.

It was an expansive game built on simple but invisible data. It was also an experience that built on the existing behaviours of people entering and leaving a tube station. No extra action was required in the real world in order to create a great experience online at the end of a long day’s journeying around one of the world’s greatest cities.

As well as creating shareable ‘journeys’ from the data produced by ‘swiping’ an Oyster Card at a station, the game also animated a player’s travel on an interactive 3D map, allowing them to rewind time and watch themselves moving around the city.

It was a game that also supported the goals of Transport for London, rewarding players for travelling better by encouraging non-rush hour travel, getting off early and walking, or riding bikes instead of travelling on buses and trains.

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