September 11, 2019

Widescreen Indie

Abbey Road Masters

“Indie bands for the widescreen with a string section and vocal harmonies. These moments make stories.”

I wrote five tracks for this beautiful production music album, recorded in The Gatehouses studio at Abbey Road for Abbey Road Masters, and featuring the London Contemporary Orchestra session string quartet.


Happy In The Twilight
“Out in the wild, it’s almost paradise. Tender, but not sentimental.”

A New Place For Us
“Living beautifully uncomplicated lives together, then maybe joining a band and taking it on the road.”

Stay Longer With Me
“Small acoustic band and string section wrap around an emotive solo piano theme. Touching.”

Remember This Time
“This is the soundtrack to looking through old photos of a life shared. Lovely nostalgia, with a string section to really make the point.”

Light Up The Beach
“Everyone is on the beach at sunset, and someone’s even brought the piano. Shambolic happiness.”

(Track titles and descriptions by Abbey Road Masters)

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