Week #2212

Weeknotes | June 24, 2024

“I didn’t know the sun could be so much alive. It’s a live thing, here; in England it’s only a ghost.”
– Gertrude Trevelyan, As It Was in the Beginning

  • More TrackShift. Really gearing up for launch now. Joined Dan Edelstyn’s 7-Day Film Challenge to get help/encouragement to put a shooting script together and shoot a v1 of the TrackShift launch vid that his Mini Movies To Millions book helped me come up with.
  • Started using Trello again to organise my work life and collate ideas as I’ve been a bit haphazard lately and that doesn’t help with concentration/procrastination. Seems to be working.
  • Unified my calendars and by gum it feels nice to not be flicking between gCal accounts and apps anymore.
  • Went to the Kedleston Hall gatehouse for an informal get together for Litha (summer solstice). Stayed behind after everyone had left and Brady’s friend (who is a Hedge Witch) did a meditation round the fire and then sent us out on solo meditative walks into the park as the moon came up. It was an incredible experience…something I didn’t know I needed.
  • Went out with Draper & Co. in Belper and stayed on the AF all night even though with the weather and everything I thought I might have a beer for the first time in three months. Staying teetotal for the foreseeable though, I reckon.
  • Started the third Gertrude Trevelyan book from Boiler House Press’ Recovered Books imprint. This is the first that is a challenge and for the first two thirds it was a slog. Even Kim Adrian’s introduction warns it to be so. But it’s getting more lucid towards the end and I’m enjoying it…but I won’t be sorry to finish it, which I wouldn’t say about the other two of hers I’ve read.
  • Saturday was our twelfth engagement anniversary.
  • Saw some great prints at Dubrek for the Derby Print Open.
  • We borrowed Smudge the dog on Sunday afternoon.
  • Watched Wonka. Brilliant.
  • Listened to the first disc of the new Kamasi Washington album. Also brilliant.

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