Week #2211

Weeknotes | June 18, 2024

  • Finished the third piano piece for the new solo project – lots of layers and counter melodies. Really enjoyed making it. Mixed it. Hated it. Scrapped it. Started a new one based on a sketch from last year, while thinking about how my old bedroom in Derby is now used to store uncollected cremated people. I think it is going to be called ‘The Urn Room’.
  • Tried to get a structure back to the week after a few weeks of flailing and not achieving much.
  • Did some woodwork on a doorway in the house that is getting a new door on it. Ripped off a load of old archetrave. Satisfying.
  • Back on TrackShift this week after a few weeks off. Went to Greg’s and I worked on the new homepage and copy while Greg worked on currencies.
  • Took my guitar amp head to Coopersonic for new valves after it caught fire during band recording a few weeks back. Cooper is a legend.
  • Heart-shaped pancakes and home-grown strawberries in bed for Father’s Day. Then an all-day band rehearsal.
  • We watched Road House after Maggie had gone to bed. The original one. Damn. What a film.

Got some black and white film developed at Take It Easy Lab. Hello, Eddie.

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