Week #2210

Weeknotes | June 12, 2024

A quiet week with Maggie back at school.

  • Persevered with new piano pieces for a new solo project that I might reveal next week if I get everything together in time. I took two old sketches, finished them, recorded them, abandoned one of them, picked another to work up. Will send to mastering next week. I’m not rushing it, but not dawdling/procrastinating/catastrophising either. Trying not to, at least.
  • Workwise: some WordPress theme work for a couple of clients. Nothing major.
  • We got a second-hand Nintendo Switch so that Maggie could play Minecraft. Spent ages helping her out on it and just generally watching her do great things with big blocks. A nicer way to spend down-time than endless YouTube or Roblox.
  • Had a chat with a writer who is doing a book about a music scene I was/am involved in. Proper interview for the book later in the summer.
  • Took Maggie to a birthday party on Saturday. While she was there I went to Scarthin and got the latest Carlo Rovelli book in paperback.
  • Went to a record fayre with Draper on Sunday morning and got some great wax for nice prices.

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