October 22, 2018

Abbey Road Masters Production Music Library

I'm proud to be part of Abbey Road Masters - the highest quality music for film and TV recorded, mixed and mastered at the world famous Abbey Road Studios.

Abbey Road Masters is a new label based at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, releasing production music albums recorded live with the best musicians and engineers, with the best gear, in the best sounding rooms in the world.

I’ve been honoured to write and produce music for this label, and have contributed to three albums now available at Universal Production Music.

Over the course of five days recording there, I’ve heard some of the most beautiful sounds ever. Highlights for me include Emilie’s pin-drop quiet piano piece Yesterday Again, Michael Price’s overlapping felt pianos on Timeless Figures, and Samuel Sim’s achingly beautiful string arrangement on Arctic One.

Without a doubt, the most beautiful sound I have ever heard was in Studio One during Rob Lane and Christian Henson’s session. Ross Selwood and I sat on the balcony in the live room to listen to the choir. We couldn’t hear the track, just the voices, and that natural reverb. Total and utter heaven.

You can hear my compositions on the following albums:

Contemporary Score

Recorded in Studio 2 with the London Contemporary Orchestra. Featuring Michael Price, Samuel Sim and more.

Cinematic Piano

Three treated pianos, recorded in Studio 2. Featuring Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch and Dominic Storrs-Fox.

Indie Soundtrack

Drums, guitars, bass and brass, live in Studio 2.

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