August 5, 2018

Studio 2 and The Three Pianos

More production music recording at Abbey Road Studio 2...

I was back in Abbey Road Studio 2 last week to record a number of pieces for a piano-centric album, on a soon-to-be-announced brand new production music library.

We worked with pianist Nathan Williamson and London Contemporary Orchestra arranger Hugh Brunt, and had the choice of three pianos:

Steinway Grand
Mrs. Mills (Steinway Upright) – with optional cotton treatment
Challen upright – with optional felt treatment

So with those treatment options we could layer up five different piano sounds. The mics on each piano were piped into the Studio 2 echo chamber, and also back into a vintage EMI TG12345 for a saturated signal. Oh, and then back into the isolation booths for re-amping in vintage VOX amps.

We were pretty spoiled for choice, and Nathan was a fantastic performer for all composers involved.

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