Abbey Road Masters: Acoustic Underscores

Music News | August 7, 2022

Earlier this year I wrote and performed four new tracks of gentle acoustic music (to be used as ‘underscores’ in TV & Film) for the new Abbey Road Masters album Acoustic Underscores. The album is out now on all streaming services, and available to license at Universal Production Music and all the usual places.

It was lovely to make this album. This is how most of my music used to sound before I figured out writing for strings and using electronics. The editorial team at Abbey Road Masters choose the title for each piece, and it made me laugh that one of mine has been called The Good Life as that’s what my neighbours call my wife and I, as we’re always in the garden doing something random.

Listen to more below.

About Abbey Road Masters

The Abbey Road Masters series brings together the best writers and performers at the best recording studios in the world. The highest quality music for film and TV recorded, mixed and mastered at the world famous Abbey Road Studios.

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