October 30, 2018

Video: An Orchestra of Phones for Reservoir 13 Live

Working with technologist Tom Armitage to create a communal surround-sound soundtrack for Jon McGregor's book tour.

Richard and Creative Technologist Tom Armitage created an innovative way for Jon to take the music on tour without a live band or any audio equipment.

At the start of each performance, Jon would tell his audience to keep their phones on, turn the volume up, and visit his tour webpage. On this webpage, audio would automatically download to audience’s phones, and play when triggered by Jon’s remote on his own phone. Each of the audience’s devices would play a separate instrument from each piece, constructing a moving, communal surround-sound experience.

Reservoir 13 (Music for the Novel by Jon McGregor) is released on Ltd. CD and digitally by Time Travel Opps on November 30th 2018 on all streaming/download platforms.

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